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BNL Tech Services

A Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

Abatement, Restoration & Remediation

As an established and accomplished abatement, remediation & restoration services company, BNL Technical Services, LLC, provides its clients with the support necessary to ensure efficient project execution.


Whether the exposure hazards stem from legacy waste, commercial operations, research activities or military operations, BNL Tech has the experience to assess, mitigate and monitor radiation exposure from contaminated land areas, buildings, equipment or other contaminated media, such as surface/groundwater and laboratory activities.


The presence of asbestos is an ever-present concern for any party responsible for undertaking maintenance, repair, servicing, disposal or demolition of older buildings and equipment. Therefore it is essential to have a reliable partner to properly identify and handle this “miracle fiber”.


During Renovation, Repair and Repainting (RRP) activities of facilities built prior to 1978, the presence of lead is always a concern. BNL Tech can assist you in ensuring that the required measures are taken to ensure regulatory compliance and worker/occupant safety.


The occupational and environmental health/safety hazards associated with mold have become key concerns for both facility occupants and owners as the broad-ranging medical effects better understood. Mold is no longer just an air-quality issue, but a potential long-term quality of life issue.

BNL Technical Services, LLC has a reputation built on delivering consistent, quality service to clients. The firm offers a comprehensive range of on-target environmental services solutions. BNL Tech has earned a reputation for technical excellence, superior service, and critical on-time, on-budget delivery.


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