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BNL Tech Services

A Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

Geospatial Solutions

BNL Technical Services, LLC is a project support services company built on delivering consistent, quality service to clients. The firm offers a comprehensive range of on-target geospatial solutions including the latest in aerial imaging technology and has earned a reputation for technical excellence, superior service, and critical on-time, on-budget delivery.


We have the capability to plan, obtain, process and deliver innovative imagery solutions to our clients in a cost-effective and highly responsive manner. In the air, our unmanned aerial platforms provide a broad range of image collection possibilities. On the ground, we boast a full array of processing and post processing equipment.


The success of our geospatial solutions lie in detailed project planning with an emphasis on client collaboration. Thorough planning ensures that client needs are translated into critical mission details. For aerial imagery, these include optimum altitude, sun-angle, imagery format, camera settings, camera exposure stations and environmental conditions that are all fine-tuned for each flight. After developing a comprehensive project package, our field crews are available on an on-call basis to execute imagery collection to ensure optimal data relevance.


We tailor advanced processing technologies and approaches into our production systems in accordance with our clients’ project specific needs. We select the right equipment to do the job and assign the right people to process and deliver the project. Our team of technical specialists has the ability to integrate imagery and scan data with other data sets to enable a comprehensive analysis of project specific elements.


BNL Tech provides geospatial deliverables in many different resolutions and in a variety of media. Our skilled project specialists can acquire high quality imagery and create an assortment of products, including, but not limited to, digital aerial image files, rectified orthophotography, scanning services, route overlays, display quality enlargements, complex photo mosaics and high resolution video.

Our suite of geospatial solutions offers great value for many applications. In some cases it is the key deliverable, leading to topographic maps, planimetric maps, orthophotography and high resolution video, and in other cases it supplements project development and management efforts. BNL Tech provides both aerial and ground-based solutions. These platforms allow for unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness to meet our clients’ needs.


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